ELTE  ELTE Institute of Chemistry

Title: Physical Chemistry I.
for SE Students of Pharmacy
Major: pharmacy
Recommended semester: 2nd year, 1st semester
Weekly load: 4 hours lecture

Tamás TURÁNYI Professor of Chemistry
e-mail: turanyi@chem.elte.hu
Chemistry Building, office 146, phone: 372-2500 x1109


Mihály TAKÁCS, Research Fellow
e-mail: mgtakacs19510804@gmail.com
Chemistry Building, office 118, phone: 372-2500 x1523

Marking: written exam
Level: compulsory


Exam dates:


Lectures of Prof. Tamás Turányi:

Overhead slides:

1. Ideal gas and real gases
2. First Law of thermodynamics
3. 2nd and 3rd Laws of thermodynamics
4. Phase transitions
5. Mixtures
6. Chemical equilibrium
Surface phenomena
8. Transport
9. Reaction kinetics

Midterm test dates:

1st midterm: TBA
Topic: Chapters 1-3

2nd midterm: TBA
Topic: Chapters 4-9

3rd midterm: TBA

4th midterm: TBA

midterms resit: TBA

RESULTS of the 1st to 4th m
idterm tests, results of the midterm resits and the FINAL offered marks.

The corrected test sheets can be looked at in office 146 of the Chemistry Building.

Exam topics in thermodynamics and reaction kinetics:

1 thermodynamics basics
2 applications of thermodynamics and reaction kinetics

Midterm 1: sample task sheet

Midterm 2: sample task sheet

Lectures of Dr. Mihály Takács:

The lectures of Dr. Mihály Takács will start from 26 October.

Lecture Notes in Spectroscopy

  1 Electric properties of materials I
  2 Electric properties of materials II
  3 The Boltzmann Distribution
  4 Selection rules
  5 Beer Lambert's law, Raman spectroscopy
  6 Beer Lambert's law: Usage
  7 Luminescence spectroscopy
  8 Photo Electron Spectroscopy
  9 Vibrational spectroscopy
      Problems in Vibrational Spectroscopy
10 Rotational spectroscopy
11 Magnetic properties
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, NMR

Spectroscopy questions for midterm or semi-final exam, 2016

 Lecture Notes in Electrochemistry

Electrochemistry of ion activity
  2 Conductivity and transport number
  3 Galvanic cells
  4 Electrochemical Kinetics

Electrochemistry questions for midterm or semi-final exam, 2016

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