ELTE   Institute of Chemistry, ELTE

Title:   Computational Modelling in Chemistry
Neptun code:    szammodk17gm, kv2n3p20
Course:    Chemistry MSc
Semester:     1
Heti óraszám:     8 hours/week practice
Number of credits:     6
Előadók: Reaction kinetics practice

Turányi Tamás , Professor of Chemistry
e-mail: turanyi@chem.elte.hu
Institute of Chemistry, office 146,  phone: 372-2500 x1109

Valkó Éva Assistant Professor
e-mail: vviiccaa@gmail.com
Institute of Chemistry, office 145,  phone: 372-2500 x1108

Time and location of the lectures:

7 September, 2018, Wednesday, 10:15-15:30    room 3.123 in the Chemistry Building

Lecture slides:

PowerPoint handout


Program package zipped

Project work

The tasks of Tamás Turányi

submission deadline: 23 November 2018, 24:00

The tasks of Éva Valkó
submission deadline: 23 November 2018, 24:00

Recommended special courses:

Turányi Tamás: Analysis of Kinetic Reaction Mechanisms
Autumn Semesters, in English

Turányi Tamás: Chemistry and Physics of Flames
Spring Semesters, in English

Recommended book:

Tamás Turányi and Alison S. Tomlin:
Analysis of kinetic reaction mechanisms
Springer, 2014

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