COST Training School on the

Analysis of Combustion Mechanisms

4-7 July, 2016    Budapest, Hungary

COST CM1404 Training School on the

  Analysis, uncertainty quantification, validation

  optimization and reduction of detailed combustion

  mechanisms for practical use of smart energy carriers


The lectures and computer practices will be held in room 065.
The posters will be on display in room 160.

Address: 1117 Budapest, Pázmány Péter sétány 1/A, Hungary
Institute of Chemistry, Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), Budapest, Hungary

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Public transport and other practical info

A good collection of information about the public transport, weather, local customs etc. is available in the general information page of the ECM2015 conference.

This is a brief summary of the public transport of Budapest.

You can find a detailed description of your travel options from Budapest
Ferihegy Airport (BUD) to the city center as well as ticket purchasing
options here:

Expect that English understood only in the public transport (BKK) customer
service points at the airport and at major train stations, and not
necessarily elsewhere in the city. You may also consider using ticket
vending machines ( that have interfaces in
different languages (Hungarian, English, German, French, Spanish, Romanian,
Slovak, Chinese and Russian).

Apart from Google Maps and similar services, you can also use the official
Trip Planner of BKK to find connections: Various mobile phone
applications are freely available that will help you navigate in the
Budapest public transport network.

Note that a single ticket is only valid for a single uninterrupted trip
without transfer. You will probably need 2-3 single tickets from the airport
to your hotel, depending on the exact destination. Blocks of 10 tickets
(3000 Ft, vs. 350 Ft for each
single ticket purchased in advance; 450 Ft from a bus driver) may be a good
option in case you only plan to use public transport rarely. Single tickets
have to be validated before each ride, either at the stop (metro/suburban
train, tram) or directly in the vehicle itself (suburban train, tram, bus).
If you intend to use your spare time for sightseeing, we highly recommend
buying 24-hour passes (1650 Ft,, a weekly ticket (4950
Ft, or a ticket that
allows you to travel on 5 chosen days within 30 consecutive days (4550 Ft,

If you happen to be a student in a EU member state, Iceland, Switzerland,
Norway, or Switzerland attending regular daytime or evening courses, it may
be beneficial to purchase a monthly ticket for students (3450 Ft, Please note the
following regulations:

"The appropriate foreign and international student IDs are accepted for the
indicated validity periods; student passes purchased with a start date
during the ID validity period can be used the latest for a month from the
last day of validity of the given student ID. If the validity period is
indicated only by month and year, then the last day of that month will be
considered. If no expiry date (or school year, semester) is indicated on the
student ID, then the ID is accepted for 1 year from the date of issue or
(depending on the indication) during the school year. If no date of issue
(school year) is indicated at all, the ID is not accepted as a student ID.

In case no number or photo is shown on the accepted foreign student ID, but
the indicated data thereon can be clearly matched with a personal
identification document, then the student ID is valid with the latter
document. In case no number is available on the student ID, the number of
the personal identification document needs to be indicated in the
appropriate field of the pass slip. The foreign student ID is accepted only
if it is a separate document i.e. it is not printed onto a bankcard or any
other card issued by a business venture."

Be prepared to show your student ID on request during a ticket inspection.
These inspections are rather frequent, especially in the city center of
The public transport boats on the Danube can be used with travel cards from Monday to Friday. A special ticket has to be purchased (750 Ft) on Saturday and Sunday.

The Eduroam network is available on the site ( Please check your eduroam ID and password! If you do not have an eduroam ID, please write an e-mail to


Convenient *** hotels nearby

Hotel Ibis Styles Budapest City ***
Modern hotel, good location, near the university (10 min walk), just on the other side of the Danube

ELTE Peregrinus Hotel ***
This is the guest house of the Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), 20 min walk, near the downtown of Budapest in a touristic area.

Accommodation is also available in Martos Hostel (1111 Budapest, Stoczek utca 5.).
This is one of the student dorms of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME).
The price is 6000 HUF/person/night (19 euro) for a single person in a twin room or
4000 HUF/person/night (13 euro) if two persons share a twin room.

The hostel is 12 minutes walk from the site of the lectures. The dormitory was completely refurbished in 2012; the rooms have two beds. Shared bathroom on the hallway. Breakfast is not included.



If you wish to stay in this dormitory, please send an e-mail to with the following data:

date of arrival:

date of departure:

( ) single person in a twin room
( ) room shared with someone (please give the name if you already know).

You may change these data any time later; these data are needed to secure a block of rooms in advance.

You have to pay for the dorm accommodation in cash at the registration. You will receive a payment receipt from the Hungarian Section of the Combustion Institute.


1) Two cafeterias in the building, one on the ground floor and one on the first floor
    various sandwiches for 350 HUF, one-course dish (with vegetarian option) 850 HUF

2) Floating restaurant on the Danube: Ship A38
   menu (soup and main course;
with vegetarian option) 1300 HUF; other meals 2000--4000 HUF
5 minutes walk

3) Many fast-food restaurants within 15 min walk; typical prices: 800 to 1000 HUF


Main topics

Hungarian Section

The COST Training School on the Analysis of Combustion Mechanisms is hosted by the Hungarian Section of the
Combustion Institute

Hungarian Section

Recommended readings

Tamás Turányi and Alison S. Tomlin:
Analysis of kinetic reaction mechanisms
Springer, 2014
with 1025 references

Springer book

F. Battin-Leclerc, J. Simmie, E. Blurock (eds.):
Cleaner combustion:
Developing detailed chemical kinetic models
Springer, 2013