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 Chemical Kinetics Laboratory

of the

Institute of Chemistry
Eötvös University (ELTE) , Budapest, Hungary


 Ágota BUSAI (Research Fellow)

 Ernő KESZEI (Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry)

Carsten OLM (PhD student)

 Róbert PÁLVÖLGYI (Research Fellow)

 Tamás TURÁNYI (Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry, Head of the Laboratory)

Éva VALKÓ (PhD student)

Tamás VARGA (PhD student)

 István Gyula ZSÉLY (Ph.D., Assistant Professor)

Associated members:

 Attila DEMETER (Ph.D., Research Professor of Chemistry, HAS Research Centre for Natural Sciences)

Sándor DÓBÉ (Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry,  HAS Research Centre for Natural Sciences)

  Ferenc IZSÁK (Ph.D., Department of Applied Analysis and Computational Mathematics of ELTE)

 Tamás KOVÁCS (Ph.D., School of Chemistry, The University of Leeds, UK)

 István L. LAGZI (Ph.D., Institute of Physics of BUTE)

 György LENDVAY (Ph.D., Research Professor of Chemistry,HAS Research Centre for Natural Sciences)

  Róbert MÉSZÁROS (Ph.D., Department of Meteorology of ELTE)

  Tibor NAGY  (Ph.D., Research Felllow, University of Basel)

 Tamás PERGER (Ph.D., Poliphon Ltd., Budapest)

 János TŐTH (Ph.D., Institute of Mathematics of BUTE) 

 Judit ZÁDOR  (Ph.D., Principal Member of the Technical Staff, Combustion Research Facility, Sandia National Laboratories, USA)


Mátyás CSERHÁTI (former Junior Research Fellow)

  Gergely VINCZE (former Junior Research Fellow)

 József BRUCK (Ph.D., Research Fellow)

Main research topics (not in the order of importance!)

 Combustion simulations


 Atmospheric chemistry

  Enzyme kinetic simulations

 Spatial patterns, chemical waves

The joy of the investigation of complex systems


It has happened several times that we assumed to fully understand a chemical kinetic system; only one or two details did not match to the others. When these details were scrutinized, the investigated system turned out to be more complex than originally thought. However, in this more complex system all details fitted to each other. The system itself became more interesting when we knew more about it, as if we inspected it from a higher dimension

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Related professional organizations:

 Reaction Kinetics and Photochemistry Working Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

  Hungarian Section of the Combustion Institute

 Hungarian Society for Bioinformatics

Important conferences:

  SAMO 2007: Fifth International Conference on Sensitivity Analysis of Model Output

 European Combustion Meeting 2015

"Belvedere" is a drawing of M.C.Escher.
The "3D Belvedere" movie is shown with permission of (c) Gershon Elber, Technion, IIT