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Our collection of high temperature gas kinetics experimental data
RKD-format specification

Hydrogen combustion
Collection of indirect experimental data by experiment type:
Experiment type No. of datapoints No. of datasets
Ignition delay measurements - shock tube 77053
Ignition delay measurements - RCM 22920
Laminar burning velocity measurements 44373
Concentration measurements - flow reactor 15217
Concentration measurements - JSR 6319


An interactive web site, where the users may find Arrhenius parameters of gas phase elementary reactions determined in direct measurements, theoretical calculations or have been used in modelling studies. The users may recalculate the uncertainty limits of the rate coefficients. The editors have the right to upload data sheets for new reactions and to add, delete or modify existing data sheets. The editor status may be granted to any registered user upon request to the administrator.

Visit k-evaluation web page

Reaction fluxes of a combustion simulation can be visualized in the forms of still pictures and videos.

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We maintain a collection of a series of  Chemkin-format reaction mechanisms for the combustion of the following fuels:
hydrogen, syngas, methanol, ethanol, methane, butanol, fuels+NOx.

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