ELTE  ELTE Institute of Chemistry

Title: Physical Chemistry II.
Laboratory Practice for SOTE Students of Pharmacy
Program: pharmacy
Recommended semester: 2nd year, 2nd semester
Weekly load: Four-hour laborotory period and one-hour report writing session

István Gy. ZSÉLY Assistant Professor
e-mail: zsigy@chem.elte.hu
Chemistry Building, office 147, phone: 372-2500/1201

Marking: 5 level standard
Level: compulsory

Handout 1

Handout 2

Handout 3 A useful presentation

Handout 4

Handout 5

Handout 6

Handout 7  Calibration

Handout 19

Handout 25

Handout BE

Midterm: sample questions

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