Contributions to PhD defences by

Tamás Turányi 

1. Examiner in PhD exams

PhD candidate:     Jeszenszki Péter
Date:                     30 January, 2015

                Reakciókinetika melléktárgy / reaction kinetics
University:             ELTE (Budapest)

PhD candidate:     Csemány Dávid
Date:                     14 January, 2020

                Tüzeléstechnika / Combustion Technology
University:             BME (Budapest)

PhD candidate:     CHAKRAVARTY Suchana
Date:                     11 June, 2020

                Analysis of Kinetic Reaction Mechanisms
University:             PPKE (Budapest)

2. Official Referee of PhD and DSc Theses

PhD candidate:          Magnus Fürst
Title of the thesis:
     Uncertainty Quantification and Optimization of kinetic mechanisms for non-conventional combustion regimes. Turning uncertainties into possibilities.
Date of defence:        10 June, 2020

University:                ULB (Bruxelles), POLIMI (Milano)

PhD candidate:          Christoffer Prichler
Title of the thesis:
Identification of principal chemical subsets of biofuel combustion. Ants walking in renewable fire.
Date of defence:        17 April, 2020

University:                Lund University

DSc candidate:         Janiga Gábor
Title of the thesis:
     Numerical Investigations of Turbulent Structures in Fluids
Date of defence:        2020

Granting Inst.:           MTA (Budapest)