3rd Topical Workshop - Taming uncertainty in combustion chemistry: experiments and models

A follow-up meeting of 
COST Action CM901: Detailed Chemical Kinetic Models for Cleaner Combustion
The workshop is related to COST Action CM1404: Chemistry of Smart Energy Carriers and Technologies (SMARTCATS)


ECM2015 and the 3rd Topical Workshop are separate events.
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Topical Workshop:

Early bird registration fee until January 15, 2015:
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Monday, 30 March, 2015
(prior to ECM 2015)
Hotel Hilton, Budapest, Hungary

Program of the 3rd Topical Workshop

9:00     Plenary lecture
            Matthias Olzmann (KIT, Karlsruhe):
            How accurately can we determine rate coefficients for elementary chemical steps?

9:40      Matteo Pelucchi:
            Curve matching: a generalized framework for combustion model validation
            (coauthors: M.S. Bernardi, M. Pelucchi, A. Stagni, L.M. Sangalli, A. Cuoci, P. Secchi, T. Faravelli; Milano)

10:00    Tibor Nagy:
            Uncertainty of the rate parameters of several important elementary reactions of the H2 and syngas combustion systems
            (coauthors: T.Nagy, É. Valkó, I. Sedyó, I.Gy. Zsély, M.J. Pilling, T. Turányi; Budapest and Leeds)

10:20    John Bugler:
            An investigation of the thermochemical parameter and rate coefficient assignments for the low-temperature oxidation pathways of alkanes: A case study using the pentane isomers
            (coauthors: J. Bugler, K.P. Somers, E.J. Silke, H.J. Curran; Galway)

10:40    Aamir Farooq (Thuwal):
            Recent advancements in the measurements of the rate coefficients of H-abstraction by OH reactions

11:00    Break

11:30    Guillaume Vanhove:
            RCM characterization initiative: Towards a better description of low temperature ignition
            (coauthors: S.S. Goldsborough, G. Vanhove; Argonne and Lille)

11:50    Arnas Lucassen (Braunschweig):
            Decreasing uncertainties in photoionization mass spectrometry introduced by photoionization cross-sections

12:10    Shuang Li:
            Accelerate global sensitivity analysis using Artificial Neural Network algorithm
            (coauthors: S. Li, B. Yang, F. Qi; Hefei and Beijing)

12:30    Andrea Matrisciano:
            An a priori thermodynamic data analysis based chemical lumping method for the reduction of large and multi-component chemical kinetic mechanisms
            (coauthors: A. Matrisciano, L. Seidel, C. Klauer, F. Mauss, H. Lehtiniemi; Göteborg, Lund, Cottbus)

12:50    Lunch

14:00    Mara De Joannon, George Skevis:
            COST Action CM1404: Chemistry of Smart Energy Carriers and Technologies (SMARTCATS)
            (Naples, Thessaloniki)

14:10    Plenary lecture
            Andrea D'Anna (Universitŕ degli Studi di Napoli Federico II):
            Probing nascent particles in flames: sensitivity of experimental techniques and influence of probe artifacts

14:50    Lars Seidel:
            Comprehensive kinetic modeling and experimental study of a fuel-rich, premixed n-heptane flame
            (coauthors: L. Seidel, K. Moshammer, C. Klauer, T. Zeuch, K. Kohse-Höinghaus, F. Mauss; Bielefeld, Cottbus, Göttingen, Livermore, Lund)

15:10    Vladimir A. Alekseev:
            Laminar burning velocity of lean H2 + air mixtures and its temperature dependence obtained from flat flames
            (coauthors: V. A. Alekseev, M. Christensen, E. Berrocal, E.J.K. Nilsson, A. A. Konnov; Lund)

15:30    Alexey Fomin:
            Absolute HCO concentration measurements for validation of methane combustion mechanisms under fuel-rich conditions
            (coauthors: A. Fomin, T. Zavlev, I. Rahinov, V.A. Alekseev, A. A. Konnov, S. Cheskis; Tel Aviv, Raanana, Lund)

15:50    Lei Deng:
            Compensating deviations from one-dimensionality in flame experiments by direct numerical simulation
            (coauthors: L. Deng, N. Sikalo, O. Hasemann, S. Kluge, H. Wiggers, C. Schulz, A. Kempf, I. Wlokas; Duisburg-Essen)

16:10    Break

16:40    George Skevis:
            Synergies and uncertainties in the combustion chemistry of fuel blends
            (coauthors: G. Skevis, G. Vourliotakis, M. A. Founti; Thessaloniki, Athens)

17:00    Alexander Snegirev:
            Microscale combustion calorimetry as a tool to develop kinetic models of polymer pyrolysis and volatile oxidation
            (coauthors: A. Snegirev, V. Talalov, V. Stepanov; St.-Petersburg)

17:20    Closing

The lecturing time is 15 minutes (+ 4 minutes discussion) for the contributed talks and 35 minuts (+ 4 minutes discussion) for the plenary talks.

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Template of the abstracts

Scientific organizing committee:
Frédérique Battin-Leclerc (CNRS-LRGP, 
Nancy, France)
George Skevis (CERTH, Thessaloniki, Greece)
Tamás Turányi (ELTE, Budapest, Hungary)

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